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About Harmony A Wellness Center

Harmony Institute of Certified Clinical Hypntherapy

HICCH was founded by Sami S. Jarroush, CCHT, CMHT, CHI,

By purchasing our Hypnotherapy training program, you will be stepping into a world full of potential and possibilities. Hypnotherapy is the career of the future! The applications are without limits. Doctors, nurses, massage therapists, mental health professionals, interviewers, Human Resources professionals, law enforcement and many others are using hypnotherapy as a complimentary tool in their work and in their daily lives.

Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy has no pre requisites. You can easily earn money doing what you love to do. All you need is to believe in you, and to believe in the power of hypnosis as a method of healing and accomplishing.

HICCH is recognized by IHF – International Hypnosis Federation

At HICCH, we are strong believers in the potential of each human being to accomplish whatever he/she desires. We operate our hypnotherapy school and our wellness center on this premise.

Our Affiliations

              American Red Cross Disaster Action Team, Lower Cape Fear Hospice                                       & Life Care Center New Hanover Senior Resource Center,                                        The Good Shepherd Homeless Shelter
              IARP, NEIH, IHF, NGH

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of very deep relaxation, as if you are almost asleep; this can only be achieved by your own free will and consent. In this state of very deep relaxation, your subconscious mind is free to accept suggestions made to you, which will help you to reach your goal in anything you desire to accomplish. 

Going through life in misery is very often accepted as a fact of life by many people. In our view, this does not have to be the fact. HICCH was founded on this premise and on our belief in hypnotherapy as a highly effective, gentle and holistic healing modality. Hypnotherapy is very successful in helping people to let go of negative feelings, and to help them create a new way to experience life in happiness. 

Hypnotherapy is effective in a wide range of applications: Phobias, unwanted habits, smoking cessation, weight loss, physical and emotional pain, healing from illness, past life regression, present life regression and countless more!

Certification through HICCH can be achieved in two ways:
  Classroom Instruction or completion of our Home Study Courses     which include instruction manuals, CD's and certification exams.

CH301 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy
CH301 is the heart of Clinical Hypnotherapy training. This course meets the basic educational requirements for all professional Hypnotherapists.

CH302 Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
  CH302 is the second course in a series of 3 courses that we offer for our Certified Master Level Clinical Hypnotherapy Program. Our courses are offered in sequence, so CH302 is intended for those who have completed our CH301 course.

CH303 Certified Master Level Clinical Hypnotherapy
CH303 is the final level and it is only offered as a Home Study Course.
Upon completing this course the student will be certified as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. This course is intended for those who have completed our CH301 and our CH302 courses.

Email us at sami@hicch.com or agnes@hicch.com