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To be a good healer one requires knowledge, dedication to your profession and most of all having good and honorable intensions with your patients. You have to love what you do and you have to love your patients. Agnes and Sami have it all. Whether your feeling physically or emotionally overwhelmed Agnes and Sami can definitely get you back on track and feeling great. They have helped me, my family and the many friends and patients that I have referred to them. Dr. George

Agnes and Sami,
You two are very unique to me. There is only one way I would describe both of you and that is a tag team of love. What I mean is it is like having a tag team of love constantly hugging your heart and loving you no matter what. You can just speak to me and I feel the love you guys have. You always know when I am down and you give all that you have just to bring me up. Your advice is always beautiful and straight forward and I will always cherish the bond I have with you. Donna
Sami & Agnes,
Having been told my Colon had to be removed and my disease had spread to my illeum, and there was no hope for me, you Both came to my Rescue! I owe you my life, my friends! You treat the Patient and not just the disease! I haven't felt this Good in a very Long Time, and Feel there is even more to come! When you are told, a horrible bag strapped to your side is your only chance, and you Find Out through your Love and Guidance that it's not true, what can really be said? Other than the Gratitude of my Heart will Forever be yours! With all the Billions of dollars spent every year on healthcare, when will they finally wake up to your amazing approach? With all my Love and Gratitude! God bless you Always!!! Brian Hope

Through Agnes and Sami’s holistic nutrition counseling they have educated me on how to take care of my body naturally. They are very patient and very kind human beings, they are truly earth angels. I was filled with judgement, guilt, anger and lot’s of pity for myself. These two have taught me through life counseling to find the inner beauty that I possess and I have learned to fall in love with myself and see that life is beautiful. Their Reiki treatment is truly incredible, I can’t wait for the next one……………………..
All my love, DH

In looking back, two of the best things that have happened to me in the past couple years are my Reiki attunement, and having a stroke…both have given me inner peace, acceptance among other things, and caused me to look at life from a totally different perspective. Like getting a new set of eyeglasses. Again, I can’t thank Agnes and Sami enough. Phil M.

My experience at Harmony has been amazing. Everyone I have met has been great and Sami and Agnes are two of the most beautiful loving people I have ever met. I already recommend Harmony to people and I will continue to do so. Brooke E.

The Reiki Self Awareness class was a very positive, eye opening experience that gave me a new view on the importance of self-love. It was very beautiful connecting with the other class-mates and discovering a different part of myself and world view. I think anyone would benefit from this class, specifically those who are seeing to find more peace in their lives. Any and all questions are fully answered in a professional and loving manner. MJ

Reiki training helps me feel balanced and positive about things that previously would have allowed to consume me in negative ways. I am more kind to myself and others. Sabrina B

This Reiki training was life changing and extremely beneficial to me, towards finding a true calm center and recognizing love as the universal energy that exists for all of us to use and share. Sharon E.

This has been a self-affirming experience. My classmates were kind, patient and supportive. Sami and Agnes are wonderful, experienced, giving and patient. Thank you! Yvette F.

My experience was very rewarding. I feel like I am so much wiser and have been thoroughly educated. I love Reiki and I am thankful that I found you to train with. Reiki training has brought many positive changes in my life. I am recommending this class to everyone. Patricia B.M.

Over time with Harmony, it was eye opening and extremely educational. We continue our relationship and plan to take more classes in the future. The training has helped in teaching us how to relax and help others relax. I feel better, worry less, and enjoy life more. We would and send people for classes and for help in their personal lives. Bill M.

Having previous Reiki training I was extremely happy with Reiki III training and Seichim training that I received at Harmony. You made sure that all students understood the information before moving on and it is easy to see that you live and breathe Reiki! Reiki brings an awareness of energy to all life. I have an inner calm when I use Reiki regularly. When using Reiki with others, hands on or distant, it fills my heart with love and light. Yvonne C.

I feel like I learned a lot in Reiki training. Sami and Agnes are very knowledgeable people. I see them as my mentors and I know they will be there for me if I have any questions or concerns. Anybody with low self-esteem or anybody who wants to spread love should take this class. As a massage therapist I found this class very helpful and would totally recommend it to people who work with other people like health care practitioners. VA

Always a wonderful time at Harmony.They genuinely care about everyone who walks in the door.Jolene H.

At Harmony I have found an educational and supportive environment! This training was thorough and unique – I felt confident to practice Reiki on myself and others and have found an immense support system from the owners of Harmony. They promise to each student to provide consistent and ongoing support, and they mean it! They include in the training a self-awareness portion that contributes greatly to practicing Reiki and finding balance in personal life. I have the tools to live a balanced life for myself and help others to also find their balance. The self-awareness part has given me a new outlook on life! The practice of Reiki travels with me wherever I go. Bernadette S.